A Meeting with the Guardians of Marine Turtle

Chloe Lim

I remember the good ol’ days where I spent most of my weekends and school holidays with my uncle at Silam beach. We used to climb over the hills and swam in the ocean together. I once thought that I was fearless; not until I brought my uncle's attention to a shredded piece of coral reef, claiming credit for removing the sinister piece that had just glided across my skin. He wasn't happy... 
That evening, I was penalisedto sweep up the beach with my untreated wound that tingled every time it touched the water.
I had never seen someone take up the responsibility to protect the ocean as seriously as he did. After the unfortunate incident where my uncle drowned to death in the crashing waves on the 24th of April 2005, I thought I would never meet someone who was as passionate of the ocean as he was. But 12 years later, I knew I was wrong.
WWF-Malaysia has a team of conservation warriors who are based in Kudat. On the 17th of November 2017, I arrived at the fieldhouse at 9 a.…

Chloe the Assistant finally had a chance to leave her office chair to Kudat

As the saying goes - 'sitting is the new smoking', 64 days of desk work is killing Chloe softly. But God answered Chloe's prayers and granted Chloe an opportunity to visit Kudat for the workshop on Tun Mustapha Park (TMP)'s work plan. Chloe does not care if its necessary, but Chloe insists to restate that TMP is the largest marine park in Malaysia, measuring close to 900,000 hectares and is home to diverse habitats. As a follow-up to the gazettement of Tun Mustapha Park (TMP) on the 19th of May 2016, a workshop on TMP’s work plan was conducted at Ria Hotel, Kudat, on the 15th and 16th of November 2017. Hosted by Sabah Parks and WWF-Malaysia, about 30 participants from both organisations attended the workshop to discuss and brainstorm on a collaborative work plan for TMP.

When the clock striked 10, Dr Maklanin bin Lakim, the park manager of Sabah Parks, initiated the workshop and held a mandate to speak for the director of Sabah Parks – Dr Jamili Nais, who was absent due …

Island Youths Pave Way Forward for Turtle Conservation

©WWF-Malaysia/Marine Programme
Community engagement and education is a function that supports conservation programmes, which aims to work closely with indigenous and local communities to deliver more effective and inclusive conservation outcomes.
Outreach and awareness activities are key to encouraging positive attitudes and behaviours among communities. One example is the first ever island-based Marine Turtle Festival within Tun Mustapha Park, organised by Tigabu Youth Club (Kelab Belia Tigabu - KBT) and WWF-Malaysia on 19 to 20 September 2017 on Tigabu Island.
Around 60 students from Sekolah Kebangsaan Pulau Tigabu were engaged in an informative sharing session on turtles and the importance of turtle conservation, followed by a marine-themed colouring and drawing contest. In the afternoon, the villagers and children tried their hand at making turtle replicas out of flour, water and paint. 
©WWF-Malaysia/Lee Sheu Jeen ©WWF-Malaysia/Marine Programme
In a stroke of luck, a batch of turtle…

Have you thought of what these two big brands can do together?

According to Complex - an online media platform for youth culture; "The 50 Most Iconic Brand Logos of All Time", ranked Google at No. 10 while WWF is not too far behind, at No. 24.  For WWF, the iconic 
reminds us of the importance of preventing the degradation of the biodiversity where human lives in harmony with Nature.
On the other hand, the
logo is, needless to say, a globally-known mission to a world of universally accessible and useful information.
In this boundary-less century, everything seems to be possible. WWF-Malaysia holds the value - 'together possible' - which is shown in the efforts from Google and WWF-Malaysia's collaboration in putting Tun Mustapha Park (TMP) on  Google Street View

Memorandum of Understanding signed between Sabah Parks and WWF-Malaysia for a better TMP

Successful and ongoing partnership between Sabah Parks and WWF-Malaysia has resulted in the gazettement of Tun Mustapha Park (TMP) in 19 May 2016. Covering land and sea across Kudat, Marudu and Pitas, TMP is not only a collaborative management of sustainable fisheries but also an ongoing protection of home to many coastal and marine ecosystems.

Thirteen years ago, the Sabah State Government has given green light to the proposal of gazetting an area of about 900,000 hectares with more than 50 islands included. The journey to gazette this largest marine park is challenging yet worthy. Among all of the efforts, the establishment process required continuous consultations with the local community for zoning plans, organisation of awareness activities as well as the providence of information to the stakeholders of the park.

To strengthen the partnership for future conservation and operational efforts in Tun Mustapha Park, a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for 10 years between Sabah Parks …

Scientist from Naturalis Biodiversity Center Netherlands found ANOTHER gall crab species during fieldwork off Kudat

Think you know the Mother Nature? 
Think again! Because across 1 Earth, 7 Continents, 5 Oceans, &196 Countries,  there always lives an unknown creature . . .
and which is why in this session, we are presenting you

The Discovery of ANOTHER Gall Crab Species in Tun Mustapha Park 
Back in 2015, the discovery of the first gall crab species named Lithoscaptus Semperi has uncovered the purity and variety of Tun Mustapha Park (TMP)’s marine biodiversity. It did not take too long for Dr Sancia E.T. Van der Meij to track the inhabitation of Lithoscaptus Tuerkayi, which is another new gall crab species that was found in the outer Northeast reefs of Pulau Banggi - near Kudat, Sabah.

Now give this discovery a round of applause and we will move on to
Lithoscaptus Tuerkayi at a Glance –
Lithoscaptus Tuerkayi is named after Professor Dr Michael Turkay in recognition of his significant contributions to crustacean research. Relatively, an egg-bearing female holotype of Lithoscaptus Tuerkayi is claimed to…

Blogging for the Reluctant (read as busy) Blogger

Well…I have been found out! Judgment day has come. I am a communications manager and today is the day the world, or at least my small corner of the world, finds out that I am not one….. at least not a 21st Century blogging-vlogging-podcasting-instagramming-sharing communicator.
I do not blog.
What is a blog? I am glad some of you ask. Because if you are like me, you would have been dreading the word and the exercise of blogging like you dread a visit to dentist. [Note to dental practitioners: Please don’t take this personally. I know people who love their dentists and look forward to their regular check-ups like a pilgrimage. My sister is one of them.]

A blog is: 1) a website that contains online personal reflections, comments, and often hyperlinks, videos, and photographs provided by the writer; and is also the contents of such a site; 2) a regular feature appearing as part of an online publication that typically relates to a particular topic and consists of articles and personal commen…