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By Sofia

I remember the first time I step my foot on Maliangin island as a Community Liaison Officer. I was very excited to meet the inhabitants (community members). I have heard and read a lot about the island before I went there, and to my surprise I was amazed how this island has not become globally known as tourist destination. The island itself surrounded by crystal clear turquoise water. The island’s beach is a place for Green and Hawksbill turtles to lay their eggs while the other sea creatures living in the sea benefit from the coral reefs and seagrass thriving around the island. Dugong is one of the protected marine mammals that swim and graze seagrass around this island.

I was relieved that the villagers were very welcoming and friendly, and as curious as I was. Me and my team members had a long chat with one of the family, Musana family, who is the prominent family living on the island. We chatted about the community’s thoughts about their area being promoted as a model site …