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Island Youths Pave Way Forward for Turtle Conservation

©WWF-Malaysia/Marine Programme
Community engagement and education is a function that supports conservation programmes, which aims to work closely with indigenous and local communities to deliver more effective and inclusive conservation outcomes.
Outreach and awareness activities are key to encouraging positive attitudes and behaviours among communities. One example is the first ever island-based Marine Turtle Festival within Tun Mustapha Park, organised by Tigabu Youth Club (Kelab Belia Tigabu - KBT) and WWF-Malaysia on 19 to 20 September 2017 on Tigabu Island.
Around 60 students from Sekolah Kebangsaan Pulau Tigabu were engaged in an informative sharing session on turtles and the importance of turtle conservation, followed by a marine-themed colouring and drawing contest. In the afternoon, the villagers and children tried their hand at making turtle replicas out of flour, water and paint. 
©WWF-Malaysia/Lee Sheu Jeen ©WWF-Malaysia/Marine Programme
In a stroke of luck, a batch of turtle…