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Traditional Wisdom of Marine Folk

Hooking science with native ecological knowledge and practices will help make the proposed Tun Mustapha Park a success writes Nadiah Rosli.
Subtle changes in the winds and currents of the ocean have always guided Sakirun bin Abdul Rashid, a 49 year-old fisherman from Maliangin islands of Kudat, Sabah. By observing patches on the water and movement of the tides for instance, many seasoned fishermen like him can intuitively expect the type of fish swimming below or when to cast their nets.  When asked on how to distinguish the unpredictable nature of the ocean, Sakirun answers, “It’s just something that us fisherfolk know. We can tell when to haul our catch or when to return to safety.”
Pulau Maliangin © WWF-Malaysia_Nadiah Rosli
Banking on the traditional wisdom of marine communities, a growing number of scientists are now appraising these native knowledge and practices for its conservation value. Often times, traditional knowledge point to when and where to fish, what fish are available…