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The Shocking Truth

My heart beat unusually fast. The weight of the tank strapped over my shoulder felt heavier than I thought it should. The octopus regulator was neatly tucked into the right pocket of my Buoyancy Control Device (BCD). The depth gauge was strapped tight against my stomach from the left. The regulator dangled at my right, waiting to be reached. My weight was settled uncomfortably on the edge of the speedboat. Slowly, I reached for my fins and tightened the straps. My mask covered my eyes and nose, allowing me to breathe only through my mouth. Adjusting my weight again, I could hear my heart beat drumming against my ears.  
“BCD inflated?” the boatman asked.
I reached for the short and black hose-like device on my left and pressed the grey button at the side a couple of times. The hissing sound of the air filling my BCD could be heard, as it slowly tightened against my ribs with each press. My heart beat faster as I reached for the regulator on my right and my teeth clenched neatly over th…

Tun Mustapha Park Expedition (TMPE) 2012

From 6 to 26 September 2012, a team of marine scientists from Malaysia, the Netherlands and Australia embarked on an expedition in the proposed Tun Mustapha Park (TMP), Kudat, Malaysia.

The Tun Mustapha Park Expedition (TMPE) assessed aspects of marine biodiversity and ecology, as well as the socioeconomic benefits of the marine ecosystems to local communities in the proposed park. As signatory to the Coral Triangle Initiative (CTI), Malaysia developed a National Plan of Action for protecting the Coral Triangle region. This expedition is one of Malaysia’s activities under the CTI-National Plan of Action.
The expedition was jointly led by Mr. Muhammad Ali Syed Hussein, Leader of the UMS team; Dr. Bert Hoeksema of NaturalisBiodiveristyCenter, Leader of the Coral Reef Biodiversity Team; and Ms. Bobita Ahad of WWF-Malaysia, Leader of the Coral Reef Status Team. Other expedition participants include marine scientists from UMS, Universiti Malaya, University of Queensland, NaturalisBiodiversit…

Run In Support of Tun Mustapha Park

Sabah Parks, the Banggi Youth Club and WWF-Malaysia organised a ’Run for TMP’  in Karakit, Banggi Island, within the proposed Tun Mustapha Park (TMP) on 15 July.
The run aimed to raise awareness on the importance of the park in providing food security and income from tourism as well as its biodiversity richness, among the local communities and the participants of the run. A similar run was conducted earlier in Kudat town on 1 July to inform the public, especially local communities within the TMP, on the importance to support the gazettement of TMP as a multi-purpose marine park.

Encik Asdari Beluot, Sabah Parks Officer, flagged off the 7km run from Astaka Terbuka Karakit to Kg. Batu Putih, Simpang Wak-Wak, SMK Banggi and back at 8am. He said, “It is heartening to see so many enthusiastic participants turn up so early on a Sunday for fitness and to support the State Government’s intention to gazette TunMustaphaPark.”

WWF-Malaysia Kudat-Banggi PCA Team Leader Irwanshah Mustapa said, “The …