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Whale in Maliangin Island

On 17th May 2012, Donny Musana who is a resident of MalianginIsland and an Honorary Wildlife Warden (HWW) called WWF-Malaysia Kudat Marine Biologist at around 4 pm saying that, he saw a whale swimming in the shallow water in front of his house in MalianginIsland. The whale was reported to be injured on its head. While waiting for the Marine Biologist to arrive at MalianginIsland, Donny was advised to keep an eye on the whale while waiting for the WWF-Malaysia team members arrival early the next morning. Banggi Youth Club (BYC) members were immediately contacted to help Donny keeping an eye on the suspected injured whale. Four BYC members volunteered to stay overnight on Maliangin Island, located about 20 minutes boat ride from Karakit Township on Banggi Island. Donny went to Karakit to pick up the youths at around 7.00 pm. However, by the time they arrived there, it was already dark and the whale was no where to be seen. The Marine Biologist kept regular contact with the youths and Don…